iDooo ICT Investments, a company controlled by Vannucci family, entrepreneurs with a long-standing experience, is the brainchild of Alessandro Vannucci who has willingness to invest in ICT companies with high-growth potential. Founded as a venture capital in the digital world, iDooo decided to place itself as an angel investor, focusing on operational target companies, through its consolidated industrial background. The aim is to contribute to the economic success of a company, the growth of a new generation of entrepreneurs and the creation of new jobs. A significant feature is the audacity of betting on new activities with enormous potential of development and success, which require great determination and skilful management.
iDooo was set up with the aim to support the development of start-ups and early-stage companies led by entrepreneurs fully committed and dedicated to their project. The goal is to achieve an authentic innovation and an improvement sustainable over time. Reference partners are high-standing financial companies with a solid track record. iDooo can take advantage of venture capital funds expertise to select target companies where to co-invest. Member of the main venture capital, private equity and digital media organizations, iDooo also relies on a selected group of partners for the on-going monitoring of the business targets and also provides legal support.


The aim is to support the entrepreneurial development of start-ups and early stage companies through the provision of financial resources and managerial skills acquired through the experience of its members. iDooo’s distinctive character lies in its dual nature of investor, as it not only supplies financial resources but also industrial expertise, specifically with a “hands-on” approach in direct investment. Forty years of industrial experience in the oil and gas sector have allowed the company to consolidate a network with major Italian and foreign top managers: this background provides the necessary expertise to support shareholders in assessing investment opportunities.

The development of the business model has been conducted according to the following steps:
First step: definition of the portfolio model and scouting of investment opportunities.
Second step: acquisition of majority stakes in a target company with strong technological know-how and consolidated marketing positioning (Kiver group acquisition - June 2012). The target company must have the following features: Size - turnover not under 2 million euro; Profitability - positive cash flow or the need to fund working capital to support growth; Type of services - consolidated services impacting on customers’ activities are intended to add value and improve revenue stream; Scalability of the services offered.
Third step: acquisition of stakes in companies with technological assets, customer portfolio and services aimed at fostering synergies among subsidiaries. Redefining of business model with a more industrial outlook and maximization of profitability through business development originated by iDooo network. (Project KGA: plan to grow with an inorganic pattern in order to gain  market share in digital business).
Fourth step: possible EXIT through IPO or trade sale to another group. (IRR min 15 %).